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Building Blocks Blanket

thumbnailI have just started knitting a blanket for my son in the hope of creating an heirloom piece that he will treasure his whole life and pass on to his children... (he is only 3, so I am aware that I am getting ahead of myself here...) However, I haven't made a blanket for ages and I want to work on something bright and colourful to help elevate my mood after a long (and very wet) winter...

I have chosen Mia - the new DK wool/cotton blend from Debbie Bliss. It's a great yarn because it has the stitch definition of cotton, but the softness and elasticity of wool. The other benefit is that out of all the yarns I sell, it is the most economical - which is important as I'm probably going to need about 2kg!


I found a gorgeous pattern from Debbie Abrahams (the queen of afghan squares) which I'm using as a starting point but as with all my projects I have already improvised heavily. For starters, rather than making lots of squares and then having to sew them all together I am going to knit them together as I go, so that I will end up with several strips of around 8-10 squares and will then only need to sew the edges together. In addition, whilst there are loads of equally stunning and more intricate blankets available, however the more elaborate the design, the more ends to darn-in, and as I really don't enjoy that part, I have opted for a blanket where many of the squares are one colour, and use a combination of stitches and texture to define the pattern rather than loads of intarsia and fair-isle. Anyway, I will update this post with photos as I go... This is the first image :)


basket_weave_squareI'm going pretty slowly on this blanket as I've had a busy week doing other stuff. We're about to do loads of work on the house and I've spent the last few week's de-cluttering the house in order to make space for everything in the kitchen - which will need to find a new home for 3 months. However, I wanted to share this picture of the second 'square'. I am really enjoying working with this yarn - it has such great definition and it's so soft and the colours are really lovely. This picture doesn't really do it justice because I took it on my iPhone. I've never made a blanket where I've had to twist the yarn at the end of each row and I hope that when I come to sew them all together I can do it tidily enough so that the reverse of the blanket isn't too messy...


Update (29 March) I have completed the first strip and about 3-4 squares of the second. It's about 140cm wide and I'm guessing will be around 2m long... I am loving making this blanket. I designed a layout when I had finished the first strip so that I know what squares/colours to make next. There is much less margin for error because I wont be able to move the squares around... Once they're done they're done... Here is the progress so far...

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